Unearthing Cincinnati’s Past with Greg Hand

My favorite side-segment from the 3AM Coney podcast – unearthing the bizarre and often murderous tales from the Late 1800’s/Early 1900’s Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s own Greg Hand joins Matt Roden to talk about the weird, wild, and bizarre past of Cincinnati that no one’s heard about.

Episode 1: “1000 Ways To Die In A Brewery” – 22:01

Episode 2: “Grave Robbers & Body Snatchers” – 30:26

Episode 3: “Champion Beer Drinkers of Cincinnati” – 34:19

Episode 4: “Buried Alive and Put On Display” – 37:55

Episode 5: “Dime Museums and Freak Shows” – 34:02

Episode 6: “The UFO’s of Cincinnati” – 52:23

Episode 7: “The 1918 Pandemic & Today” – 33:06

Episode 8: “New Years Eve 1921: A Night of Chaos” – 34:01

All Episodes: http://bit.ly/3AMConey_UCP

Follow Greg Hand on his blog “Cincinnati Curiosities” at https://handeaux.tumblr.com/

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