I re-watched The Shining backwards/forwards and collected some of my favorite palindromic moments

This was definitely one of my favorite weird things I’ve spent a lot of time and effort putting together.

To get ready for Doctor Sleep, I watched it backwards and forwards simultaneously with a 50% opacity overlay. Some are true palindromes and some are just screengrabs I thought looked sweet!

Has anyone else done this? Found any other good ones?

➡️ The first time the typewriter is shown lines up perfectly with
⬅️ Wendy making the “All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy” realization
➡️ Danny getting asked questions
⬅️ His dad yelling questions while chasing him with the axe
➡️ sane Jack
⬅️ insane Jack
➡️ calm Wendy
⬅️ not so calm Wendy
➡️ Tour of the pantry lines up with
⬅️ Jack trapped in the pantry
➡️ Temptation ⬅️
Danny could see it coming
➡️ Danny goes in room 237 as
⬅️ Dick drives to save him because of their shining connection
➡️ Here’s Overlook
⬅️ Here’s Johnny
There Will Be Blood
“this place.. changes people”
➡️ Discussing what horrors took place in the hotel
➡️ Jack arrives
⬅️ Jack leaves

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